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My Kid, My Choice New Year’s Day Gifts

My Kid, My Choice:

1. A J-crew gift card.

Besides being one of my favorite stores, J-crew made the Teach for America (TFA) t-shirt, and when I think school choice, I somehow equate choice to TFA.

2. A Walmart gift card. The Walton foundation has been extremely generous to the school choice movement. Beyond that, Walmart offers affordable solutions for the poor. I’ve always been a fan. The Walton generosity enhances my opinion. Also, my kid, my choice.

3. Thick skin. The amount of people that are against school choice is astronomical. Quite the foreign concept given parents should have the right to choose whatever school fits their children.

4. Adidas Boost.

Walking for Justice:

You’ll be doing a lot of walking and protesting. You should be comfortable while you protest for a better education for the poor and disenfranchised.

5. Flowers. Sit back and smell the roses, every time there’s a state that releases test scores, and the choice schools outperform the traditional public schools.

6. Oral b electric toothbrush. You’re going to be doing a lot of smiling when kids start going to college, reading on grade level, and confident about tackling life’s challenges.

7. Gift Card to Banana Republic Factory Story. Shameless plug, because my local Banana Factory Store donated Christmas gifts to my students.

8. Luther Vandross Greatest hits CD. I’m not sure about you, but whenever I’m feeling a way, Luther always makes me feel better about life.

9. A free network consultation from Jenard Consultants LLC. Another shameless plug, but if you want a second look at identifying the things that may turn your school around, we can create a comprehensive plan for you.

10. Better schools & Peace on Earth. With everything happening in our society, it’s good to focus on the people that are important to us. PS- don’t forget to tell someone you love them all year long in 2019.

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C’Mon Son!: Ed Reform Edition

Ed Reform:

At some point, yesterday, I looked in my email inbox and saw this hellacious article attacking the philanthropy of the Walton foundation. The article quotes an ‘education policy expert’ Dr. Andre Perry. I don’t even know what that means. But what I do know is that this type of divisive anti-charter rhetoric isn’t helpful to (PoC) that are exhausted with a lack of educational options for their children.

Ed Reform Hypocrisy:

I’ll never understand the perils that one goes through when he/she repositions his/her stance on Ed reform. I could never one day wake up and say, “the system is no longer broken, nor is it in need of reform.” Folks that switch positions like that are dangerous operatives, not ‘experts.’ Also, I’m wondering if the journalist asked Dr. Perry if he ever accepted any Walton money?

Whitewashing in Ed Reform:

The most alarming part for me is how Dr. Perry eludes to the Walton Family’s philanthropy as whitewashing education. How are traditional public schools not whitewashed? With less than two percent African-American male teachers in the United States, inevitably our policy expert could refocus this energy on more poignant issues in our communities.

With an educational record like Dr. Perry’s, you’d think he’d need an escort as well.

Failing Schools:

Moreover, Dr. Perry is a former CEO of a network of charter schools in New Orleans. Under his supervision, the schools performed poorly. Below are the state grades of the schools that Dr. Perry was positioned to govern during his tenure as CEO in the Recovery School District in New Orleans in 2010-11. Based on these results, no experienced journalist should ever quote Dr. Perry on anything charter relating to charter schools.

Dr. Perry's results UNO/RSD 2010-11

To date, my school nor I have never received any Walton foundation funding. I take personal issue with these “Edu celebs” that feel they know what’s best for black families. Both of my kids have attended my charter school. I’m in tune with parent choice as both a parent who exercises that right and a school leader that provides (PoC) with a viable alternative to traditional public schools.