Black Americans from Segregationists to Integrationists

This article is an act of expression. As a collective, I feel like we can solve racism in the United States.

School Choice Matters Most for Poc (People of Color)

It’s super offensive to tell parents where they should send their kids to school. How about we observe, and ask questions as to why they’ve decided to exercise choice?

Quality Education is a Civil Right

But Here’s What You Are NOT GOING TO DO This! Firstly, I work on Long Island, as a school superintendent of the only K-12 charter school in Suffolk County. A quality education is a civil right. Given the history of our school; the power of the teacher’s union on LI; and a total lack ofContinue reading “Quality Education is a Civil Right”

Teaching the Underserved is a Privilege!

It is an honor to teach in communities of the underserved. If you don’t feel this way, then you should not, under any circumstances accept placement in these types of schools.

School Choice, Here’s Why.

Teach the Babies: My thoughts on public education are simple, cut out the bureaucratic red tape and “teach the babies,” as my friend and Parent Advocate Gwen Samuels would say. Parents entrust in all educators, albeit public, private, parochial, charter, with their most valued assets, their scholars.  School choice is a parent’s right. Truthfully, IContinue reading “School Choice, Here’s Why.”

Controlling Your Classroom

Controlling Your Classroom: Firstly, make no mistake, there will be a ton of things that you can’t control as a classroom teacher. Instead of focusing on the things outside of our control, why not put all of your energies into the things that you can control. Moreover, by focusing on controllable factors, it allows youContinue reading “Controlling Your Classroom”

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