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The Day We Cape for a Quality Education for PoC; Instead of Caping for Jussie and the likes. ‘No Cap’

Eight Million:

If we could “Cape” for our students of color the way we “cape” for actors and athletes, 8 million students would be better off.

Imagine a world where we advocate for the education of the poor and disenfranchised, No Cap.

There are Eight million students of color, currently receiving less than adequate instruction in the United States. The areas most affected are centralized ‘urban cities’ or port cities. Please name me a port town where students of color are performing well academically. A port town where unemployment is equal to suburbia and crime is at a minimum. If you can find such a city, I will stop blogging.

Poor Jussie:

Moreover, we have enough to worry about in current day society. By in large, 400 years of physical and psychological trauma, enter Jussie Smollett, or Jamal as you Empire watchers like to call him. Immediately we took him at his word when he said the attack occurred. Any black male that questioned the attack risked accusal of exhibiting “Toxic Masculinity.”

Toxic Masculinity:

fullsizeoutput_15a9Toxic masculinity, in theory, can’t be every time black males do not agree with the mainstream. Currently, it is over usage diminishes its value. Overall, there was nothing toxic about feeling like this story was “fake news.” People continue to remain silent, hoping that the results matched Smollett’s account. That story is now in question. We will continue to see how it plays out in the media.

Democratic Cap(ers):

Every major Democratic politician admonished the alleged assault against Smollett. Most if not all are very quiet as details surface around this being a staged attack. It is all the more reason for us to rechannel our energy.

Notwithstanding, this is more of a reason to make these candidates focus on issues that matter to us. In essence, if this were true, and Smollett experienced an assault. I would want nothing more than his attackers to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, if he is found to be “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” celebrity aside, Smollett deserves prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Lets Rep for These Eight Million Kids:

On the other hand, what’s not in question is the eight million students of color that are still in failing schools. Factually speaking, with teacher strikes are on the rise, and teachers’ unions complex strategies to pit traditional public schools against public charter schools. We have to fight for our kids.

In closing, let’s “Cape” for our kids the way that we “Cape” for these celebrities on TV. Our kids need us, and it’s time for us to take a stand, ‘No cap.’

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Open Letter to Cory Booker

Open Letter to Cory Booker:

Dear Senator Booker,

We follow your career. Four your time on the Newark city council to your time as the mayor of Newark, you have always put the people first. You were the first politician to use social media as a way to interact responsibly with your constituents. Your organic rise to Senator of New Jersey is a story that will be told for generations. You make us proud.


The Work Isn’t Done:

Moreover, the work isn’t done. We watch you on Capitol Hill day in and day out. You fight against the blatant racism the current Whitehouse exhibits. With numbers against you, we observe you interact respectfully with your Republican colleagues.  You come up with bi-partisan solutions to make our government run more efficiently. Your work noticeable, and it is appreciated.

Chris Christie, Cory Booker

School Choice:

Notwithstanding, as the keynote speaker at a recent school choice event in New Orleans you showed courage. Much like the Civil Rights leaders of yesteryear, you continue to show character and resilience. School choice is nothing new to you. Your work with Cami Anderson spearheaded to Newark Public Schools shedding state oversight.


Your recent car tour with Civil Rights icon John Lewis was reminiscent of the Freedom Summers. The humility and respect that you show for the elders, both black and white is a trait that this country so desperately needs right now. Your interaction with former president Jimmy Carter and his urging you to run for president spurred me to pen this open letter to you.

Booker 2020:

All in all now is not the time to be humble. Now is not the time to allow friendships to interfere with your destiny.  I remember a train ride with H. Carl McCall, shortly after Elliot Spitzer won the governorship of NY.  I asked him candidly, “why didn’t you run”, he said because “Elliot was the guy.”  We all know how that story ended, and McCall missed his opportunity.

In summary, we need you as a candidate for the 2020 Presidential election.  With you as a candidate, it will shape policy, and make this a country for and about the people.  If you win, criminal justice reform, black unemployment, education reform will become staples of your administration.  We need this. Please consider this letter in deciding if you will run for president.