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High-Quality Teachers of Color.

We need More High-Quality Teachers of Color. We need more high-quality Teachers of Color. I want to make that clear,…

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Black Mamma Agency!

The Buzz Around Town. Lately, I’ve heard arguments that leave me angry and confused. Most of these arguments center around…

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6ix9ine Tells Judge: These Teachers Don’t Give a Crap About Black and Brown Kids Learning!

6ix9ine. For those of you who have not heard, indicted Rapper 6ix9ine testified on behalf of the federal government recently….

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New Narrative, Same Failures.

New Narrative, Same Failures. There’s a new narrative being circulatedĀ amongst superintendents from failing school districts. Instead of having families focus…

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We Can all Come to the Same Revelation About High Stakes Testing; We Wish it Happened less.

High Stakes Testing. We can all come to the same revelation about high stakes testing; we wish it happened less….

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Build Capacity!

When we arrived in Pittsburgh for the State of Black Learning 2019, I immediately assumed that the franchise QB of…