Education Receipts


Receipts from the Actual Work:

On the whole, there are some who sit on the sidelines and express their displeasure.  Others are on the front lines putting in the work to ensure all scholars have a proper education.  Receipts in education allow for us the defend our expertise with merit.

In short, actual receipts are from folks that are in the trenches doing this difficult work.  We are not on the sidelines suggesting how to do the work.


Skin in the Game:

Moreover, Mr. Ankrum accepted a position as the Executive Director of RCS in August 2012.  2012 was the first year of NY state’s implementation of its Common Core Standards.  In 2012-13 11% of our 3rd-grade scholars were proficient in ELA, and 11% proficient in Math.

There’s a high level of respect given to those with actual skin in the game.

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