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A Teacher’s Pursuit of the Perfect Lesson

This post will be a series of three (1/3) in which we discuss the three components to catching lightning in…

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Teacher’s Lounge Toxicity

Teachers Lounge Toxicity: In my first year of teaching, I saw a lot of things that made me want to…

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Professional Development by Any Means Necessary

As a stakeholder in a school, you are a game-changer. You have the power to engage and be a part of the solution. If you don’t like how PD is done, change it.

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Four strategies to reduce teacher talk.

As a teacher, I valued the importance of the students having a voice in my class. Often it’s tricky trying to decipher the perfect balance of teacher talk and yielding the floor to the students.

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Students Forced to Reenact Slave Trauma

Firstly, there has to be a massive disconnect for any educator on any level to feel as if it would make sense for students to reenact slavery.

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My Black Teacher Manifesto

There is much to do about the lack of Black male teachers in school systems throughout the United States. Currently, less than 2% of teachers nationwide are Black males.