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Open Letter to Cory Booker

If you win, criminal justice reform, black unemployment, education reform will become staples of your administration. We need this. Please consider this letter in deciding if you will run for president.

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1.8 Million Reasons

I’m 100% positive that we are going to disagree on my take. That said, I’m okay with agreeing to disagree on this.

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How School Choice Defeated Andrew Gillum

According to Condoleeza Rice, school choice is a Civil Rights Issue. I could not agree more. The current education system fails PoC at alarming rates. People tend to forget the true origins of schooling and which schools serve rightfully in the United States.

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Diversity Lessons Starbucks Can Teach McDonald’s

Besides Boycott, what’s your solution? Are these teachable moments? Advancing the talking points of diversity and inclusion with using racially charged instances as teachable moments.

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Elizabeth Warren Pulls a flip-flop on School Choice

That’s a direct contradiction to her initial support for school choice. I don’t know which Senator Warren we’ll get if she’s elected president. It is for that reason that During the early stages of the 2020 presidential campaign, I can’t throw my support around Senator Warren.

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Implicit Bias Against SoC

Whether its the young lady in Philly not being allowed to play basketball due to wearing her hijab or the young lady in New Orleans being sent home because of her hairstyle, black popular culture is under attack.