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Freedom Schools: Future, Present, and Past

Freedom Schools, Future: Freedom schools represent educational freedom. Firstly, we can do more for the Black Community. What if members…

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Principal Resigns Amidst Video Surfacing

So to be clear, I’m an advocate for charter schools, but I put the interests of students before anything else. Parents and administrators have to defend the students over the institutions.

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How School Choice Defeated Andrew Gillum

According to Condoleeza Rice, school choice is a Civil Rights Issue. I could not agree more. The current education system fails PoC at alarming rates. People tend to forget the true origins of schooling and which schools serve rightfully in the United States.

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The School Integration Myth

If we can be outraged about Robert Kelly and his horrible treatment of Black women, we have to allow ourselves to be equally outraged about the injustices that occur in K-12 education on a daily basis.

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Elizabeth Warren Pulls a flip-flop on School Choice

That’s a direct contradiction to her initial support for school choice. I don’t know which Senator Warren we’ll get if she’s elected president. It is for that reason that During the early stages of the 2020 presidential campaign, I can’t throw my support around Senator Warren.

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My Kid, My Choice New Year’s Day Gifts

What do J-Crew, Walmart, Banana Republic, and Luther Vandross have to do with School Choice?