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Virginia is for Lovers!

Virginia is for Lovers:

I’ve always operated under the assumption that Virginia was for lovers. I never really felt the love in the state. I always felt like at any time it could “go down” in Virginia.

Don’t get me wrong; waterpark U.S.A. is fantastic. Virginia Universities are some of the best in the nation. The love of pork is reminiscent of slave times, but I digress.

Virginia is for Lovers of Blackface:

I mean, I get it, who wouldn’t want to be a part of a culture as dope as this. Black culture is amazing. Most outside of the culture fail to understand its meaning and its impact.

Many folks outside the culture want in, “By Any Means Necessary.” Some go through some amazing feats to implant themselves in Black Culture. We have almost every white Virginia politician outwardly saying through artistic expression, “they think Black culture is superior.” Why else would they dress up in blackface? I know they aren’t racist. Certainly not in 2019.

Virginia is for Lovers of Forcing the Issue with Women:

These allegations against Lt. Governor Fairfax are all in a fact-finding stage. So, we don’t want to assume that these incidents occurred automatically. For now, we’ll say “allegedly.” However, I’ve learned where there is smoke, often there is also fire. Democrats continue to put on the façade that they are morally superior to Republicans by asking Dems to step down from office. Meanwhile, Steve King (R) from Iowa continues to “flourish.” This moral high road, albeit admirable, isn’t winning Democrats any new voters.

Virginia is for Lovers of Racism:

The cradle of racism lies in Virginia. The countless stories of Virginia State troopers pulling black people over at a disproportionate rate. Moreover, then we have Charlottesville. Not to mention, these folks celebrate Robert E. Lee, and Confederate statues like the South won the Civil War.

Virginia, of this, is what your love is all about, Y’all can “hold that.”

Black Culture OJ Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods shoots a birdie to Black Folks

I wanted to update this blog post.  Even though I know Tiger could care less about us black folks, I still made a Sunday out today’s 2019 Masters (even though I said I would not anymore).  Regardless of his political and social affiliations, this guy is a phenomenal athlete and a national treasure.  But my opinion of him is the same, he could still care less about Black folks.

This post is about Tiger Woods and his lack of respect for Black Culture.  I ask for your patience as I walk you through my displeasure with Tiger Woods.  Ironically, it starts with an episode of the Chappelle Show.

Comedic Genius who made it easier to talk about Black Issues.

The Chappelle show was ingenious in that it used a comedic edge to talk about touchy issues in the black community. Through satire, conversations were more comfortable to digest.

However, in today’s cancel culture, I’m not sure if Dave’s show could have survived. We’ve become very sensitive regarding our levels of truth. Things that were once hilarious are now found to be degrading.

I can promise you, if you read my blog or listen to our podcast, we’re going to laugh, it is important for us to find humor in the midst of this insanity.


Moreover, comedy has always been edgy and powerful. It has pushed the envelope to help us discuss race issues that have become taboo to discuss.

I used the Chappelle show as a segue into a discussion about Tiger Woods. Do you remember the episode when Dave had the race draft? This draft was a comedic genius. Tiger Woods was the first overall pick.

Tiger Woods 2019:

Circa 2019, Blacks have gone above and beyond to support Tiger. As he went through his injuries, we defended Tiger Woods. When he confessed to having a sex addiction, Black folks supported “Freaky Tiger.” Most recently, when he was caught drunk, and with pain medication in his system, we- the Black Congregation gave Tiger a pass, and prayed for him to get better.

With all of this positive energy that we give to Tiger, he has consistently given us his butt to kiss.  Well no more. No more Sundays in Redshirts for me.

I’m Done:

I’d instead throw my energy into a Black sports figure that understand their place in society.

The Golden state warriors recently met with former president Barak Obama. They previously turned down the opportunity to attend a White House celebration.  Instead of Tiger embracing and respecting this stance, he goes out and plays golf with yall’s president.

Soulja Boy talked about the relevance of Tyga.

In my soldier boy voice, Tiiiiiger? Are we talking about Tiger? Well, not anymore, I’d rather talk about Lebron.