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School to Prison Pipeline: Getting PoC on a Track to Success.

From the Classroom to Prison: Firstly, it starts with young PoC so parents, please prepare yourselves through awareness. The school…

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Keeping Our Students Safe!

Keeping our students Safe! Why do we send our kids to school?  Short answer: To learn; Long answer: We believe…

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The Day We Cape for a Quality Education for PoC; Instead of Caping for Jussie and the likes. ‘No Cap’

Eight Million: If we could “Cape” for our students of color the way we “cape” for actors and athletes, 8…

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10 Intangibles of Good Teaching:

10 Intangibles of Good Teaching: The following ten intangibles of good teaching are in no particular order. However, feel free to…

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Virginia is for Lovers!

Virginia is for Lovers: I’ve always operated under the assumption that Virginia was for lovers. I never really felt the…

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Black Boys in Sped, Why?

Black students were also 19% of the 6.1 million students served under IDEA. More specifically, Black Males represented 12.8% of the 4.1 million males served under IDEA.