Protect Your Kids!

Protect Your Kids:

I wish folks protected their kids, and defended their right for a free and equal education the way they cape for their favorite sports team or their mega-church reverends.

Knowledge is Parent Power:

As parents, a lot of us have no idea what goes on with our kids after we drop them off at childcare. We are training our kids to be obedient to abusers, and we aren’t listening to our kids. I observe all of my daughter’s mannerisms when she’s in front of her caretakers. I hear loudly and attentively when she says she doesn’t like someone.

Question You Kids:

Uniquely, our kids are in an era where being expressive is essential, and we have to put ourselves in place to where we are attentive listeners. Are we asking our children the right questions? How was your day? Did anyone make you feel uncomfortable today? How was lunch? Did you make a “happy plate”? Who was on lunch duty today? Did he/she respect your space? Did anyone put their hands on your person?

Moreover, if my daughter told me an adult pulled her hair or touched her inappropriately, you guys would have to pray for me. There is no amount of decency or decorum that I could have for someone to treat a child in that manner. Yet, this happens every day, day in and day out

Predators Amongst your Kids:

Meanwhile in New York City public schools we continue to hand our students over to these monsters. This is not exclusive to NYC public schools, this happens in a myriad of school districts throughout the United States. We must do a better job of ensuring the safety of our children.


Not to mention, these folks are praying on our kids. And they’re doing it in the name of education. Parents that are working many jobs to stay afloat become soft targets for these predators. Anytime an educator suggests that your child spend time with them outside the confines of a school setting, that should be a red flag for parents. This is not to say that all adults have bad intentions, but with the way, society is currently, my kids won’t be the sacrificial lambs as we look to find the last good educator.

As the referee says to the boxer before the fight, “protect yourself at all times,” in this case, protect your kids at all times.

Published by Raymond J. Ankrum, Sr.

Mr. Ankrum is the current Superintendent of the Riverhead Charter School. Mr. Ankrum has gained notoriety as a school turnaround expert. He is enthusiastic about helping students from low (SES) find ways to end generational poverty through educational advocacy. If you believe PoC can end generational poverty by exercising educational opportunities, you have an ally in @Mr_Ankrum.

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