C’Mon Son!: Ed Reform Edition

Ed Reform: At some point, yesterday, I looked in my email inbox and saw this hellacious article attacking the philanthropy of the Walton foundation. The article quotes an ‘education policy expert’ Dr. Andre Perry. I don’t even know what that means. But what I do know is that this type of divisive anti-charter rhetoric isn’tContinue reading “C’Mon Son!: Ed Reform Edition”

Most Still Missed the Mark on NJ High School Wrestler Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson: Much to do has been made about Andrew Johnson, the young wrestler from NJ, who was made to cut his dreadlocks off to compete in a school-sanctioned wresting match. I’ve seen some opinions go so far as to say, the referee who asked Johnson to cut his hair deserves a lifetime ban, aContinue reading “Most Still Missed the Mark on NJ High School Wrestler Andrew Johnson”

Implicit Bias Against SoC

Whether its the young lady in Philly not being allowed to play basketball due to wearing her hijab or the young lady in New Orleans being sent home because of her hairstyle, black popular culture is under attack.

School Choice Matters Most for Poc (People of Color)

It’s super offensive to tell parents where they should send their kids to school. How about we observe, and ask questions as to why they’ve decided to exercise choice?

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